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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 29, 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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>> if not, why not? all right. pete, thank you very much. breaking news also from afghanistan. an american soldier dies at the hands of an afghan military member. the afghan soldier reportedly opened fire in anger on the western base in afghanistan. let's get right to nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel. what else do we know about the shooting? what led up to it? >> we are told that this is not an incident of friendly fire. that this was a deliberate shooting that -- and afghan soldier or someone in uniform decided to carry out an attack on u.s. troops. also, two italian forces were injured. this in the western afghanistan. this is not the first time that there have been attacks like this. the taliban claimed responsibility, no way to know if that is accurate or not. the taliban saying that it managed to infiltrate one of its members into the afghan security
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forces who then was in close proximity to the italian u.s. soldiers carried out this attack. and a local afghan official said that this soldier was mentally ill. >> and -- how closely we -- we don't often talk about this. it gives us an opportunity. how closely do u.s. and afghan forces work at this base and in general? >> they work very, very closely together. the entire mission now of the counter insurgency strategy is to have every operation that goes on in afghanistan to be a joint coordinated operation between afghan police, afghan security, and afghan soldiers and then all of the different branches of the u.s. armed forces. they were work very closely together. on a mission, a regular supply mission. weapons are loaded, and you are in close proximity. it would be -- if somebody the will and infiltrated and not disciplined it has happened before and apparently happened
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again. >> it is still so -- so terribly shocking. a story. all right. thank you so much, richard engel, for being with us here today. new concern about intelligence reports that say iran is trying to import more than 1,000 tons of purified iran or kazakhstan in violation of u.n. supreme court council sanctions. such a deal would be significant because tehran appears to be running out of that material which it needs to feed its uranium enrichment program. the summary of the report obtained by the associated press says the the deal could be completed within weeks. it said tehran was willing to play $450 million for their shipment. somali pirates seized two more ships setting a record number of attacks this year. this time the pirates took a british flagged chemical tanker and a cargo ship from panama. officials say the pirates attacked 214 vessels this year.
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top republican prosecutors are considering suing over the senate health bill. they are talking it over today. over a conference call they are actually discussing the constitutionality of the so-called cornhusker kickback. that's the deal cut by the democratic leadership to win over nebraska senator ben nelson. it exempts nebraska from paying its share of a medicare expansion. at least 11 of the 19 republican attorneys general are lining up to challenge that provision. south carolina, attorney general henry mcmaster, is leading the charge. earlier today he spoke by phone with msnbc about how the deal reflects, in his words, quote, a culture of corruption in washington. >> when you have over 20% of the states attorneys general voice serious legal concerns about a matter like this, i think that there is a real problem in what weigh hope, of course, is the conference committee will delete this thing from the -- from the
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bill. and that we won't have to -- consider bringing a lawsuit. >> joining me now from denver, colorado, attorney general. what happens if you can't get this deal revoked? >> i think that there's going to be a legal challenge if the president signs the bill with this provision in it. whether it is brought by taxpayers respective states or whether it is brought by states themselves. and i would suggest that the dashesens of the challenge is going to be that the spending power of the congress is to spend money for the general welfare. and if they are spending money to the benefit of nebraska and in detriment of all other states, that's not the general welfare. it is unprecedented, you know, unfortunately, we are used to all kinds of pork barrel types of payoffs but where it benefits one state's taxpayers to the detriment of others, it is an unprecedented situation. >> i'm sure, sir, have you heard
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house majority whip clyburn on this but for the benefit of our viewers that haven't, i hope you will allow me to read a small portion of some of what he said. he claims that this is a political stunts. what's your response to that? >> my response is that i guarantee you there's a bunch of our democrat counterparts that are hoping that this problem goes away. how would any public official want to face the voters of their state and say i think that it is okay for congress to pay the obligations of nebraska but not any other state? i cap imagine anybody wanting to say that to their taxpayers. so i think that they are hoping it goes away and they won't have to be involved. we are hoping that it goes away. we hope the conference
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committees remove this constitutionally questionable provision. >> it is true, sir, that lindsey graham and jim demint and other powerful folks up on the hill have asked mcmaster and others to investigate this. are you concerned that you might be viewed as some -- as some have suggested -- i ask this with all due respect, as political pawns in a larger process? >> you know, i guarantee you that the vast majority of your viewers out there when they hear that the new -- new legislation is going to add a significant burden to the tags pairs of every state in the country, but congress is going to allow nebraska taxpayers not to have to meet that burden, you don't have to be very partisan to think that's a really lousy piece of public policy and legally questionable. >> all right. fair enough. i understand it is a constitutional claim not one based on any given state law. i hope you will come back and
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talk with us more about it as your case goes forward, if it goes forward. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for being with us. we will have more on the palin family drama back in the news. this time, it is over sarah palin's grandson, tripp. the baby, the little baby battle, coming up. plus, the government. it is now leaving it up to the pilots to decide whether to enforce the new airline security rules. is that fair to the pilot or to the public? we are going to get one pilot's reaction in just a few minutes. 9-year-old sean goldman reunited with his dad days ago. now sean's brazilian family says they are going to fight to get him back. the very latest when we come back in just a moment.
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brazilian family of the 9-year-old boy that was just reunited with his father now says that it is going to fight to get the boy back. sean goldman returned home to new jersey with his father, david, last night. he had been living in brazil for the past five years. taken there by his mother but she died. and an international custody battle ensued. lawyers for sean's brazilian family now say they will push forward with a request from his brazilian grandmother to allow sean to make his wishes known in court. now sean's father, david is due to make a statement in less than an hour. police have released a tape of the 911 call that led to the arrest of actor charlie sheen. highest-paid actor in television allegedly held a knife to his wife's throat and threatened to kill her. nbc's george lewis has details from los angeles. >> reporter: the call went out from sheen's house in aspen, colorado, just after 8:30 christmas morning.
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sheen's wife, brooke mueller, saying she was terrified, pleading for help. claiming sheen threatened her with a switch blade knife. >> reporter: presumably the other people included the couple's twin 11-month-old boys, max and bob. and their nanny. although there's no mention of them on the call. in a sworn affidavit a police officer said that sheen had a folding knife in a travel bag but, quote, denied threatening mueller with a knife or strangling her. sheen said his wife had been drinking and began arguing after she threatened to divorce him and take the children. in the affidavit, she told a second officer that sheen had grabbed her by the throat, holding the knife to her neck, and saying, quote, you better be
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in fear. if you tell anybody i'll kill you. >> you are a bod, bad boy. >> yet, you are always the one getting spanked. >> reporter: but as a real-life bad boy suspect, he spent a few hours behind bars on christmas day before he made bail and left for los angeles. the next day, mueller was photographed smiling, no apparent marks on her neck. now "people" magazine is reporting charlie sheen and his wife are seeking help. sources tell "people" that charlie and brooke are actually headed towards marriage counseling and, in fact, charlie's actually going to undergo therapy for anger management. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says that any decision on whether to file charges won't be made until just before sheen's first court appearance in february. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. parts of the country are bracing for another round of winter storms. it could make for a new year's mess. the weather channel's chris ward
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is live in atlanta with what we are expecting. chris? >> yes, we are looking for things to possibly get pretty interesting for the northeast and in the coming days. let's see what's going on now. things pretty interesting throughout parts of texas. we are seeing some snow and later on, around dallas, it is going to be on the cusp. could see a little bit of snow in dallas. does start falling at most, maybe about an inch. the other spot we are keeping an eye, on the northeast, very cold air moving in there. also, some pretty windy conditions as well. current sustained winds anywhere from about 15 to 35 miles per hour. reports of about 40 to 45-mile-an-hour winds earlier. that's setting the stage for cold air coming in from the northwest. out of canada. we are going to have an area of low pressure on a wednesday, bringing rain to much of the south and then this is where things can get interesting. by thursday, on new year's eve, we will start to see snowfall in the higher elevations and depending on the track of this low as it moves up into the northeast, we could see
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rain/snow mix throughout parts of the northeast. best chance for snow will be away from the water. higher elevations and farther north especially in northern new england. could see a fair amount of snow. but as far as new year's eve in new york, if we are lucky, we could catch a little bit of a break and be in between the rain, rain/snow mix by the time the ball drops. the other brit side is that things are looking good for the rose parade in los angeles on new year's day. >> all right, chris, thank you very much. president obama says his administration will not rest until it gets to the bottom of the christmas day terror plot. that may mean he will have to make tough strategy choices. we are live in hawaii with what the president may be thinking. and good news if you are looking for a job. we have career builders, 2010 job forecast. we will tell you who is hiring in just a few minutes. announcer: trying to be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup.
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low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. chef: we're all kind of excited about it. guy: mmm! i can see why. announcer: campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good! for your heart.
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an hour. check my bags.
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real slow through security. >> lot of folks i talked to me said my flight is not for six hours but we didn't want to waste any time. >> they have to check everybody, one for one. frisk them and open all the bags. get everything out of the happened luggage. >> on the plane, it was quite different. we couldn't go out before landing. we couldn't read magazines. >> today passengers continuing to react to heightened security measures at airports across the country. and the world. in the wake of the failed christmas day bombing of the detroit-bound jet. but already some of the tsa security measures are being eased. the tsa now giving airline pilots discretion in determining which rules to enforce and in some cases. joining me now is tom casey. he's a retired american airlines pilot. and now a flight instructor. all right, tom. we were talking before the segment began about these new rules and restrictions. what do you make of this latest
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news from the tsa? do you think it is the right move to give pilots more does chretien? >> well, i don't think it is a question of giving pilots discretion. a captain of a modern airliner has complete responsibility for the safety of the flight and the tsa has nothing do with that. once the pilot is in the air with the airplane he doesn't get on the radio to call a tsa magistrate and ask if -- such and such procedure is appropriate. the captain is paid for his judgment, his knowledge, and his capability as a command authority in an airplane some especially in a crisis. >> of course in a crisis. i mean, this is ridiculous. come on. >> let's talk about the real of safety and security procedures. >> all right. what's the real? mine, i will tell you what the reality is. safety is not 100% and never will be. and we have to get more thoughtful and -- logical about how we approach this. it is intelligence. everybody talks about the tsa
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and screening at the airport. that's the gate of last resort. intelligence gathering and timely application of intelligence to keep people from getting to the airport in the first place. that's happened in london a few years ago. i happened to fly into heathrow airport, last plane to land before they shut the airport down. we learned the threat that the -- the british authorities had circumvented. that's the kind of thing we need. we have a tremendous infrastructure in place. if we don't connect the dots and the intelligence is not collated and made available this guy should never have been on that flight. >> so you think that rules like no blankets, no bathroom trips, no -- that's too little, too late? >> exactly when. terrorist -- act can take place at any time during a course of a flight. by that logic you are telling me that the largest threat is in the descent because the last flight happened to be in the decept. that's ridiculous. if there is a terrorist onboard, it can happen at any time. and to be honest with you, it
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has been passengers and vigilant flight crews,ville lent cabin crews, that stopped the last two potential catastrophe. >> this one is and richard reid. >> i'm all for putting passengers, let them cruise the aisles and observe each other or the kid from brooklyn said give everybody a baseball bat as they get on the airplane. >> they talked about the notion of arming pilots. what is your thought on that? >> pail on the are armed stateside. they have -- but -- that's all wonderful but we have to talk about the fact that this individual was not on a no-fly list. we -- we stopped cat stevens from coming to america a few years ago. okay. so if we can stop cat stevens maybe we can stop somebody that's a real threat, whose father called the authorities and made them aware he was a threat. mine, i don't understand this. >> lots of questions, lots of questions. hopefully there will be answers. tom casey, such a pleasure to have you here. thank you for joining us. still ahead, he said he was
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lonely. he had no one to talk to. those are the words posted online. allegedly by the man suspected of trying to blow up that jetliner. we are live in london with new details on the suspect. if you are thinking about buying a new car, general motors may have a deal for you. just wait until you hear about the discount. strongest ally. it can lift your mood, help rebuild muscle... and improve your concentration. tylenol pm works with your body to ease the aches and pains that keep you awake, and helps you fall asleep in a non-habit forming way. because the better you sleep, the better you feel.
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another face-off between bristol palin and former fiance levi johnston. this time it is a legal battle over their son, tripp. the baby just turned 1-year-old on monday. and is now caught in the middle of a very public custody battle. palin's attorney tried to keep the custody hearing closed citing the best interests of the child. but the johnston camp won then round, claiming the public at large has an interest in the proceedings. joining me is ruth margas, writer for "the washington post." so, ruth, i have to ask you, how on earth could this baby fight,
2:27 pm
for want of a better term, have any benefit for the public? i don't understand how any parent would want the public involved in a custody battle. >> i actually can't see why any parent would want the public involved in a custody battle. and i'm sure we will all be reading these documents and poring over them but i have to say that this has always been sort of unpleasant and increasingly ugly soap opera. and this is just the latest chapter of it. i wish i could say it was the last. and you just have to feel story for this poor baby that did no do anything to deserve being thrust on to the national stage and have us all knowing about his daddy posing for "playgirl" and his -- his mother -- actually have the feel sorry for her. talking about how hard it is and she seems to feel sort of overwhelmed that having this child, you know, clearly both of them were not ready for this responsibility. >> no but she does seem to have
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at least, in this case, wanted to do the right thing, make it a private matter. the judge also denied a motion to use pseudonyms to try to keep the case out of the public eye. as well as a gag order. does palin's attorney have any options left to keep the case from turning into a media frenzy? >> well, i don't think this is the kind of order you can easily appeal. and look, if it has the nam palin attached to it, it is almost by definition a media frenzy. and i don't want to be too harsh here but the person that i really blamed for this in a sense is the grandmother in the case, the former governor palin. because if she did not want this episode in her daughter's life to be made public and to be picked over the way it is, she had a decision that could have been made for the good of her family at the time that john mccain asked her to be his running mate, i wrote wrote at the time i thought if it had
2:29 pm
been my child, my reaction would have been to shield my child and to say no, thanks, this wouldn't be a good time for me. so i know that sounds harsh but talk about the best interests of your children. that might have been in her child's best interests. >> wow, that's a lot to think about for all of us who are parents and even those of us that are not. a lot to think about. bristol now, of course, asking for primary custody with visitation for levi. do we know what levi is asking for, ruth? >> well, i think he wants to have, as i understand it, he wants to have the continuation of the joint type of custody arrangement that they have. bristol palin, as i understand it, is not asking for levi to be completely excluded from tripp's life. but she does want to have sole custody in terms of being the authority to make the decisions regarding the child. and i have to say my guess is
2:30 pm
having seen interviews with both of them, if i had to decide who to give the sort of legal control of the child to, i would say -- i'd side with bristol. she seems like sort of a sadder but wiser young lady who understands the responsibilities of parenthood and last time i saw levi, it was in the back of a limousine giving an interview. >> i guess that speaks well of you not having picked up the magazine. >> maybe just didn't want to let my kids know. >> all right, ruth morgan, thank you so much. that's ruth marcus, editorial writer for "the washington post." authorities have detonated a suspicious package. they found it at milan's airport. the package was found by a january soar in the men's bathroom. it was near a check-in area this morning. now police say it was equipped with a detonator and a radio receiver but it turned out that
2:31 pm
there were no explosives inside. there's new word at this hour. out of london, that the man accused in the failed christmas day terror attack may have crossed the radar of the british intelligence agency, mi-5. nbc's dawna friesen joins us live from london. what can you tell bus this? >> not very much, i'm afraid. channel 4 news in the uk is reporting umar farouk adulmutallab did come to the attention of the security services in the uk when he was a student between 2005 and 2008. but channel 4 is reporting he wasn't a central figure of interest. so the exact context of the interests in him, degree to which mi5 became aware of him is not clear at this point. he was a student here, as i say, for three years. he was a member of the islamic society at university college london. it is believed he was president
2:32 pm
at one point of the islamic society. staff and students at university college london have said they are absolutely shocked that he has been involved -- been arrested in connection with this attempted terrorist plot on the plane. and that he was a good student, devout, as a muslim but didn't show any signs of extremism. so if this report is true, that mi5 did come across him, that he did come to their attention at one point a few years ago, there will be more to come, i'm sure, on that angle in the story. >> all of it unfolding, of course, very, very quickly. as you say, more to come on that angle, i'm sure. but there's also the online angle. what can you tell us about the online post made by the suspect? do they show any anti-western sentiment or give us any indication of his mentality or his militancy? >> yeah, well, firstful all we don't know for sure these web
2:33 pm
postings were, in fact,in by him. they surfaced from farouk, that could be a combination of his birth name and birth year. they were posted on the website and printed in "the washington post." the details match the personal history of him but they were posted in 2005. the writer discussed everything from love and marriage to his struggle between his natural desires, also his need to be pure. he writes about having no one to speak the or support him about feeling lonely and depressed. struggling with the balance between liberalism and ek treatmentism. at one point he writes the prophet said religion is easy and anyone that tries to overburden themselves will find it hard and will not be able to continue. so any time i relax i dooef nature sometimes and then when i strive hard i get tired of what i'm doing. for example, memorizing the koran, etc. how should one put the balance right? if these were, in fact,in by the man that tried fwloe up the plane on christmas day, it would
2:34 pm
give investigators some insight into hi his state of mind. according to t"washington post, intelligence are reviewing the postings but haven't confirmed their authenticity. >> thank you for that. we will check in with you throughout the day. in the wake of the failed christmas day plot, president obama is talking tough on terrorism. but is it tough enough? >> the american people should remain vigilant. but also be confident. those plotting against us seek not only to undermine our security but also the open society in the values that we cherish its merits. this incident, like several that preceded it, demonstrates an alert and cure amgous citizenry far more resilient than an isolated extremist. >> nbc news political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd is with the president in honolulu. chuck, the president seems to be taking the heat for referring to this as an isolated incident.
2:35 pm
is there any response from the administration? >> well, they -- they are a little perfect teshed at the criticism they are getting from the republicans, from -- from peter king, new york republican, ranking on homeland security. plus from peter hokstra, intelligence committee. both hit thing administration on the overarching issue here. congre congressman hokstra believes st believes the administration has not done enough to link these things. the ft. hood maserker and incident in detroit, northwest airline plane have more linkage than the administration would like to acknowledge and thinks they made a mistake by not talking more about that publicly. peter king's criticism has been that this administration doesn't talk about terrorism more in a broader theme. there's too any owe, almost too politically correct in how things are done. the white house 'spochbs to this they are not chest thumpers and are not going to go out and do
2:36 pm
these things publicly as much as the other administration. i think you are seeing a little bit of a -- of this becoming a political issue in a back and forth in the sense of just how retorecally the two parties handle terrorism. there are a lot more similpolice when it comes to how counter disterrorism intelligence is used to go after al qaeda camps in yemen. this is a policy the bush administration and the obama administration carried out. >> chuck, thank you very much. has swine flu hit its peak? health experts are warning we are not out of the woods yet. we have the very latest on that next. if you are looking for a job, we are going to tell you which industries plan to hire the most workers next year. stay with us. end. it all starts with having more hotels to choose from. that's why i book with expedia. so i can find
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some breaking news. we are just getting in from california. our san diego affiliate reporting police are responding to reports of shots fired at a tribal gaming office at the barona casino, north of lake side, california. officials tell the station a s.w.a.t. team has been called to the scene. we will have updated information as we get it. tomorrow more long security lines at airports around the country. more screenings, more air marshals on flights. new security measures put into place in the wake of that failed terror attack last week, adding to more hassles for travelers. nbc's michelle kosinski joins me live from detroit's metro airport. what are you seeing today? >> reporter: depending on where you are flying from, you may see much longer lines or you might not notice anything different. it is completely random from the passengers' perspective. from the tsa's perspective i'm sure there's much planning that goes into that but they are hesitant to talk about specifics
2:41 pm
right now. understandably they want to keep passengers guessing because that makes it more confusing for potential terrorist or someone that would cause trouble as well. cities like dallas, we are hearing, no difference. palm beach, st. louis, no problems, no long lines. even passengers that got there early expect long lines did not find them. but other places like denver and detroit reporting lines of two hours to get threw security. here in detroit, this morning, it was an hour and half. but that's calmed down considerably. now it seems to be functioning smoothly although there may be fewer flights at this time of the day. people who are going through even for domesti reporting much slower, more thorough patdowns, same thing for screening the bags. it was the international flights where we were seeing the tight restrictions, at least the last hour of flight. where we are still seeing the restrictions. now, top security officials quoted anonymously, saying that for those international flights, the restrictions are also now
2:42 pm
discretionary. at the discretion of the captain of the flight. but we are hearing about them from passengers, still in effect. canadian flightses experience some of the most restrictions. . we know they were restricting most carry-on bags for passengers. air canada had to cancel more than 100 flights because it was so slow getting through security. when you look at that time british airways website, they are still restricting passengers to one carryon bag. it depends, again, on where you are flying because it is discretionary. the international flights we are seeing the most passenger dissatisfaction with things like no trips to the bathroom in the last hour of flights, still happening on many flights. and, you know, restrictions like no electronics, keep your hands visible. for the most "people" are understanding because they have to be. >> all right. michelle, thank you very much. the head of the world's health organization is warning people not to get too complacent about swine flu. it is not over yet.
2:43 pm
dr. margaret chan says it is still too early to declare the h1n1 pandemic has peaked worldwide. dr. chan says the latest numbers show it has peaked in the united states, canada, and some other countries in the northern hemisphere. she cautions we still have a long winter ahead. if you are in the market for a new karlisen up. general motors is offering its dealers heftin sent tifs to move thousands of leftover vehicles from its discontinued saturn and pontiac brands. the auto giant is offering dealers $7,000 for every car sold. that could mean a savings of up to 46% on some models. the incentives expire on january 4th. today there's some good news for job seekers according to a new study released. next year jobs forecasts could be very well looking up. joining me now is michael irwin, senior career adviser with
2:44 pm let's get to the biggest news first. i think it is what everyone is on the edge of their seat for. 20% of employers plan to increase their number of full-time employees in 2010. that's up 14% from 2009. and that's good news. why do you think there is that turnaround? >> i think that companies have done such a great job in doing cost containment in 2009. they are know focused on growth. going into 2010, they are going to have to bring in new employees to grow the business back. >> there's a flip side, though. only 9% of employers varioused said they plan to decrease head count or 9% say they are going to decrease in 2010. down from 16% this year. now, why do you think we are going to see some decrease still going forward? >> i think that some companies still con to feel the effects of the recession. and they are going to have to adjust their businesses to make sure that they still stay in
2:45 pm
business. you will see those companies drop the number of employees. i think it ises interesting a lot of employers are still going to be taking a wait and see approach. they are going to see what happens in the first half of the year and make more decisions in the second half. >> let's talk about specific areas, michael. i think had is where people are excited to hear what you have to say. specific areas where hiring is expected to increase. not surprisingly, information technology. but also manufacturing, financial services. professional and business services. and sales and, hey, health care. what does that tell you? >> i think that, of course, health care and i.t. are not surprising because they have continued to add jobs through the recession. i think it is interesting that manufacturing has decided that they are going to be able to bring some people back as there's more consumer confidence. i think that it is also a good sign that companies are investing more in the professional and business services because those are going to be the services that really grow the business and there's a lot of people that are out there
2:46 pm
looking for jobs in those sectors. >> looking at your site, most people are happy if they have a job, to just keep job and nobody is really expecting a bump in pay, raise. looking at the site there may be good news in 2010. right? >> well, it is interesting that more than half of employers said that they still were going to offer some kind of raise for existing and initial employees. but that's down from last year. so employers are tell going to focus on containing that cost but they are still going to be able to bring people on and give people jobs. >> michael, thank you so much for being with us. giving people a reason to look forward to the new year. happy new year to you as well. >> thank you. same to you, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news in california. there has been a report of a shooting at a gaming office at a casino near san diego. we will have an update next. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful. people love 'em! gecko: yeah, thank you sir. turned out nice. boss: got another one for you.
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breaking news we are following from california. our san diego affiliate reporting that police are responding to reports of shots fired at a tribal gaming office at the barona casino. officials tell the station nobody was hurt in the shooting. the gunman still at large. we will continue to follow the situation. the profile of an accused terrorist coming to light. a 23-year-old umar farouk adulmutallab sits behind bars in michigan following a failed christmas day bomb plot. one possible window into his life postings on a british based islamic website. believed to be from the suspect which seem to present more mystery behind his motive. let's bring in nbc news terrorism analyst evan coleman. so, evan, these postings are mostly mundane chatter. they are filled with lols, innocent anecdotes, moussings. one would wonder how a terror
2:51 pm
expert would interpret these things, especially as we use this kind of information more and more going forward in investigations. how are these postings useful to analysts as they investigate what almost happened on christmas day? >> well, mine, first of all, it is a window into the radicalization process that this individual went through. and i think what's interesting is that though many of the postings seem to be benign or inoctober because, hidden in amongst several of the posts, there are indications that this individual did have a radical philosophy, that he was -- i guess could you say gravitating towards al qaeda and the taliban. and at one point he talked about several guantanamo bay detainees, british guantanamo bay detainees who had gone to afghanistan to fight with al qaeda and defending them. he was defending their mission and suggesting they had done the right thing. so, you know, again, it is -- it is very difficult to say that you would have been looking at these posts and said that's a terrorist. but this is another piece of the puzzle. if we had a report about this
2:52 pm
guy, if we knew that he was a potential extremist, if we started looking into him, started looking to what he was posting online, it was clear what his father was saying was correct, that he was a supporter of jihad, and that he was a is porter of taliban. it is hard to see how all of these warning signs were missed. then again, if you look at the case of major hasan down at the ft. hood shooter, mine, this is another case where an individual sent e-mails to a known extremist leader and asking questions which apparently were quite out there. i mean, killing american soldiers, killing jewish civilians. yet, they were looked upon as benign are or innocuous by the fbi. we don't want to miss the signs. >> he writes in one case, i have no friends, not because i don't social socialalize, but because either people do not want to get too close to me as they go partying and stuff. does it often begin with
2:53 pm
isolation? >> yeah, mine that's one element. especially when you are talking about someone that's drawn in by the internet. these guys don't tend to have any friends in the real world. they don't have anyone to reach out. where do they reach out to, the internet. there was one individual who was from houston, texas, that kept on going on internet chat forms and posting radical things and getting kicked off. eventually he formed his own chat for sxum the initial posting said i created this forum because nobody else would accept my views. so i decided i would set up a place for me and people who think like me to come together and share these ideas and sure enough, this forum that this guy from houston, texas, set up ended up becoming a mecca for would-be extremists and would-be terrorists. this is a big part of it. the internet is playing a big part in how folks radicalize and meet each other. >> certainly a place to begin the investigation. not a place for it to end. evan coleman, thank you so much for that analysis. that's it for me. i'm jami floyd.
2:54 pm
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right now on msnbc, new pictures of the underwear bomb used in the botched plane bombing christmas day. new details about the suspect's life before the attempted attack. his online complaints about being lonely. also, security struggle. are those controversial whole body scanners the answer to prevent terrorism? or just another invasion of your privacy? bitter custody battle. sarah palin's oldest daughter, bristol, versus levi johnston. all over their 1-year-old son. plus, republican attorneys general may sue over the senate's health care bill. why they may challenge what's being called the cornhusker kickback. and one county's man to name
2:58 pm
drunk driving suspects on twitter. the big picture starts now. it is 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. we are following reports in california shots have been fired inside the office of a casino. this is at the barona casino gaming office. it started at 10:00 local time. north of lakeside. a sheriff's department spokesman says a s.w.a.t. team was called to the scene and is there now. we don't know if anyone was hurt. only that the shots were fired. although cal fire officials say that no one has at this point been taken to the hospital for treatment. we are going to keep our eye on that developing story. knsd, our affiliate in zags, is watching that closely for us. in p big picture, new details about the suspect behind the christmas day attempted airline bombing and how he tried to carry out the attack. nbc news obtained these pictures of the underwear worn by umar
2:59 pm
farouk adulmutallab. the explosive petn was sewn into the specially made undergarment. the officials tells "the washington post" it could have blown a hole in the side of the airplane if it had been properly detonated. we are lenning the suspect turned to the internet looking for friends. he wrote about his inner struggle between liberalism and extremism as a devout muslim on the islamic forum website. "the washington post" reviewed 300 of his online postings and in january 2005, while he was attending boarding school, he wrote -- federal intelligence officials are reviewing these postings. they have not independently confirmed their authenticity. now the suspect's explosive


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